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Yoga Nidra on the Elements

starts Sunday 02 october 2022 at 20:00

The "mahabhutas" are the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. The material universe and we ourselves are composed of these elements, so they exist both within and without. In the Nidra practice, we explore the energetic aspect of the element. For instance, earth conveys the sense of being solid, firm, and stable whereas water conveys the sense of fluidity. Sometimes our life requires being firm and stable. Sometimes, it requires being fluid. Through the Nidra practice, we come deeply into how we relate to these elements and how we can draw upon them to stay in tune with what is called upon in our lives. From the perspective of Patanjali yoga, when one crosses from meditation (effortless one-pointed focus on an object) into samadhi (a state of absorption with the object), Patanjali instructs to practice samadhi on the mahabhutas to achieve Nirvitarka samadhi as a first step toward disidentifying with the elements to eventually reach Asamprajnata samadhi (the state of non-duality).

Over several weeks, we will relax all muscles, organs, and bones of the body, the 5 sense faculties and one element each week to develop keen awareness of ourselves and the world, to favor creative and intuitive responses, and to feel fully alive!

This one hour program is taught in English.

This class gives me the required energy, calmness and focus for starting a new week. - D.B. 23/10/20

Nidrā Yoga deepens the ability to relax while at the same time intensifying the ability to concentrate. The normal ups and downs of life begin to affect us less and less as we attain a joyful equanimity.

Thank you so much for the yoga nidra streaming yesterday! I haven’t had any experience with nidra, so I was suprised. After the first part of relaxation, my breathing was totally different – very deep and slow. After the concentration part, I was completely focussed. I would welcome if La Source would keep on streaming after the Coronavirus has passed as I live an hour away in Germany! - N.K. 16/03/20

Set-up for Streaming

After registration, you will receive an email with the preparatory steps necessary to stream the class and the Meeting ID number and password.

Family members in the same house can participate under one registration.

Style: Nidrā Yoga

In Nidrā Yoga, we consciously relax the muscles, organs, bones, sense organs (eyes, ears...), the process of sensing (vision, hearing...), and the various functions of the mind to to come into a field of consciousness where the sense of time, space and Ego all dissolve, and there is nothing left but the experience of oneness. It is very psychologically purifying. The normal ups and downs of life begin to affect us less and less as we attain a joyful equanimity. Aside from relaxation, Nidrā yoga also involves concentration practices to find the balance between relaxation and concentration to trigger this super-conscious state. Go to the Nidrā yoga page.

Teacher: Fredric Bender

Fredric Bender Fredric has been teaching yoga for 30 years and has been co-director of Centre de Yoga - La Source since 1995. He started yoga in 1987 and took the Sivananda teachers training in 1990. Due to his own back injuries before yoga, he developed a sequence of yoga variations that form the cornerstone of his popular lower back yoga program. In 2006, he organized and completed a 4-year 500-hour teacher training program in the Nidrā Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism with André Riehl which was completed in 2010. Please read his articles on yoga in our "Learning Corner". Go to Fredric's page.

Location: Streaming at Home

Download the zoom app at and follow our instructions to set yourself to stream our classes at home. Go to the Streaming at Home page.