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Enrollment Options

1) Term Course Registration


You can register throughout the term. Term prices update weekly on course pages. We do not reduce the term rate further if you know at time of registration that you will miss certain classes. Instead, you may use the cancellation and replacement system to obtain the full value of your term registration or participate on a single-class "drop-in" basis.

Wait-list Courses

If no space is available, a "wait-list" button will replace the "register" button. Students shift courses, especially at the beginning of a term. So please wait-list yourself, then register for an alternative course. Your first choice may become available within a couple of weeks. You may also use the single-class system even in your wait-listed course as term students often cancel classes and receive credits. If you are wait-listed in a course we are streaming, we can arrange for you to practice at home at a reduced rate. Contact us at 333 419 to discuss.

Term Cancellation policy

If you cancel your term registration by email within 2 days after your first attendance, you will receive a refund. Your first attendance must be at the first or second class after your registration. We retain the per-class rate for one or two classes depending which class you attend. Beyond this timeframe, your registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

2) Single-Class "drop-in" Registration

48 hours before each class, we open registration for students wishing to come on a drop-in basis to a single class. Availability is shown on the main schedule page under the Single-Class Registration section. Earlier than 48 hours, you can check the availability of space in each course's single-class module but you will not be able to register at that time.

You may even use the single-class system for courses that are full with term students when they cancel one week's class online. Their place becomes available on the single-class system.