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Enrollment Options

per term
per class

1) Term Participation

Term Benefits

  • Price reduction: A term student receives a discount of 25+% off the per-class price at the start of a term (roughly 4 "free" classes out of a term with 14 classes). The discount percentage reduces with each passing week.
  • Space guarantee: A term student is guaranteed a place whereas a per-class student is not.
  • Replacement classes: If you use the online class cancellation system up to 1 hour before a class takes place, you receive a credit that gives you the possibility, but not the right, to take another class before term's end. Credits return to "0" at term's end and cannot be used in a following term.

The term rate adjusts automatically week by week on the course pages. We do not reduce the term rate further if you know at time of enrollment that you will miss certain classes. Instead, you may use the cancellation and replacement system which allows you to obtain the full value of your term registration.

How to Register

If you are a beginner in the style that interests you, you may call us at 33.34.19 to confirm that the course is appropriate or to discuss other options.

Once you are certain:

  • Step 1: Create an account and log-in, then go to the course page.
  • Step 2: Click "Register for the term" in the registration module found at the bottom of the course page.

A green confirmation box will appear, the course will show in your profile section, and you will receive an email with payment instructions.

  • Step 3: Make a bank transfer for the term amount. We give a grace period of a few days for the transfer to reach our bank. Beyond that, we cannot guarantee the space. Once received, you will see the "amount due" in your profile section change to "0", and you will receive a payment confirmation email.

Wait-list Courses

If no space is available, a "wait-list" button will replace the "register" button. We recommend that you wait-list yourself for your first choice, then register for a second choice. Students shift courses, especially at the beginning of a term, so your first choice may become available within a couple of weeks.

See step-by-step procedure to register for a course

Term Cancellation policy

If you cancel your term registration by email within 2 days after your first attendance, you will receive a refund. Your first attendance must be at the first or second class after your registration. We retain the per-class rate for one or two classes depending which class you attend. Beyond this timeframe, your registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

To new term students

As 80-90% of new participants continue and all classes are usually full with wait-lists, paying in full before the first class:

  • saves administration time
  • allows new students to opt out after one class with a proper refund
  • ensures a quick transition for students on the wait-lists to get a place

2) Per-class participation

We are creating an online per-class registration system. Until it is ready, call us at 333 419 within a few hours of a class to see if space is available. We don't take per-class registrations earlier. Per-class prices are listed at the bottom of each course page and vary based on class duration and location.