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Yoga La Source

Preparation for your class


Please arrive on time. If late, please enter quietly.


Bring your own yoga or exercise mat and any props your course requires under the course's "What to Bring" section. We sell high-quality mats. If you have discomfort sitting on the floor, bring a cushion or folded blanket.


Please leave your shoes outside the room. There are changing rooms in all locations, but come dressed if possible in comfortable clothing like a jogging outfit to stretch comfortably. Have a pair of socks and sweater or blanket for the relaxation at the end.


It is best not to drink during class as it cools the body while we are trying to heat it up and can cause stomach discomfort. Better to come hydrated and drink afterward.


Usually yoga is practiced in the morning on an empty stomach, but in our society, most courses are in the evening. Best is to abstain from eating 2 hours before class.

Injuries & Health Conditions

Let your teacher know of injuries or health conditions (high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.) that might affect your practice. For women, if it is the first day of menstruation or a heavy menstruation, avoid inverted postures. ALWAYS be comfortable in yoga. You'll go farther faster if you take a loving attitude and work from where you are, not from where you think you should be.

Cell phones

Please turn your cell phone off, not on vibration mode. If you forget and your phone goes off, quietly turn it off without taking the call. If there is an emergency that requires it to be on, please inform the teacher beforehand, but be prepared to turn it off during the final relaxation period of 10 minutes.

With a friend?

If you come to class with a friend, spouse, or child, please do not talk during class.

Perfume & Cigarettes

Please avoid wearing perfume. If you are a smoker, please do not smoke just before or outside the classroom.