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Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas is a professional musician and composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist from Gujarat, India who has learned and played since childhood Indian music and later focused in particular on sacred and devotional music like mantras, kirtan, and other types of higher music expressions from the ancient tradition from India. Beyond the spiritual value behind this music, his main focus is on the intrinsic power of sound, also known as naad yoga, which, combined with the right music, can be an incredible powerful tool to be used for the wellbeing and balance of the physical and subtle bodies - body, mind, soul.

Manish has gone through a long path as a spiritual seeker. He has been with Osho since he was a child until Osho left the body. Later and still today, he has been closely connected to his master Gurudev, with whom he has coordinated 40-day retreats and meditations in India under his master's guidance and inspiration. Manish himself has done many 40 days retreats and prolonged silence periods during all these years, in different places in India while following the work of his master. In his retreats he shares those ancient tools which had been passed to him the last 30 years, to go deeper into oneself and as a path to ultimately discover our true nature.

Past Events

Streaming Manish Vyas: "Flowing, Dissolving, Tathata"

Manish Vyas

Sat. apr. 11, '20 at 18:00

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Streaming Manish Vyas: "A Conscious Approach to Meditation"

Manish Vyas

Sat. mar. 28, '20 at 17:00

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Sahaj Atma: Music that illuminates the Soul

Manish Vyas

Fri. jan. 25, '19 at 19:00

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