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Class Cancellation & Replacement System

  • Term students can cancel a class from their course online up to 1 hour in advance to receive 1 credit.
  • A credit gives the possibility, but not the right, to take a class from another course before the term's end depending on space availability.
  • All credits return to "0" at term's end and cannot be used in a following term.
  • To replace the last class of a term, cancel it and use the credit in advance. Otherwise, it is lost. Similarly, you can use a credit earlier than the canceled class.

How to Cancel a Class

Make your term payment. Only after you get our 'payment received' email confirmation can you access the online system. Attention: cancellations will not be accepted by phone nor by email. The online system is a courtesy to those who learn to use it.

  1. Log in.
  2. Click the link to your course page provided in your profile section.
  3. Just below the calendar of class dates, you will find the cancellation module.
  4. You may cancel a class up to 1 hour in advance. Thereafter, the date disappears from the module's drop-down menu.
  5. One credit will be added in your profile section. You receive an email confirmation.

If you canceled a class but later can attend, click "undo cancellation" in your profile's "My Registrations" section. This "undo" link disappears if someone has taken your place or if you have applied the credit previously.

See illustrated guide to cancel a class

How to Use a Credit in another Class

Your credit is valid for the term, but you may only reserve a space for classes taking place within the next 2 days. You may not use a credit the first week of the term.

  1. Log in.
  2. The "log in" button becomes the "my profile" button after log in. Click it.
  3. Click the "replacements" tab. (Available classes appear from the 2nd week of the term on if you have a credit.)
  4. Click the link to the available class you want and visit that course's registration area.

*You may cancel a replacement class up to 1 hour in advance and still get your credit back.

Using Credits to Live-Stream a Class

You may use a credit to participate in a limited number of classes that are live-streamed in the comfort of your own home. Go to Events / Live-Streamed Classes.

How to Transfer a Credit for a Friend

If you wish to bring a friend to your term course using a credit, email us your request with the name of your friend. You or your friend will have to pay a supplement of 5 Euros to the teacher in cash. We will apply the credit and inform the teacher.

If you wish to give a credit to a friend to attend a different class, you can register with your credit but inform us by email your firend's name and inform your friend to pay the 5 Euro supplement.

See illustrated guide for using a credit

Special weekend replacement classes are sometimes set up near the end of a term where you may use a credit, but they are distinct from our other weekend classes and programs.