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Streaming Nidra Yoga

This particular form of Nidrā Yoga comes from the lineage of Kashmir Shaivism and finds its origins in the Mandukya Upanishad. In recent times, it has been passed down from Kashmiri Babu (below left) to André Riehl (below right) who gave a 4-year 500-hour Nidra Yoga teacher training at La Source from 2006-2010.


It is based on the understanding that inherent within each of us is the ability to come into a sublime state of consciousness beyond mental comprehension. Nidrā Yoga triggers this state by deepening the ability to relax while at the same time intensifying the ability to concentrate. It is very psychologically purifying. The normal ups and downs of life begin to affect us less and less as we attain a joyful equanimity.

You will need a cushion to sit for the concentration practices and a comfortable surface, more comfortable than a yoga mat, to lie on for the relaxation practice. You can add thick blankets under a yoga mat, for example.