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Wednesdays 10:00-11:30

Rise & Shine Yoga


Denise Pesch







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Rise & Shine Yoga

This morning course is for those 50+ who wish to experience a joyful immersion into physical and spiritual yoga and stay fit, strong and healthy. The class starts with balancing postures to wake up, stimulate, and strengthen the articulations and muscles of the feet, legs, hips, and core muscles and establish stability and alignment while standing. During seated postures, you will improve and regulate your breathing while strengthening your torso and liberating postural blockages. During the supine asanas, leg and abdominal practices improve leg, abdominal and back strength and bring vitality. Some easy backbends bring your awareness to the movement of your spine. Specific breathing techniques will clear your energy channels and your brain leading to mental stillness and deep relaxation. More details


Denise Pesch

Denise Pesch

Denise has experienced the feeling of easiness, lightness, joy and health in life and wishes to impart this wonderful experience to all her students in the varied styles of yoga that she teaches - Ashtanga, Sivananda, Vinyasa Krama, Pregnancy yoga, Yoga for the back and Hormone yoga. More details



25, rue Josy Welter, Walferdange. This warm and cozy setting provides an intimate and wonderful atmosphere for the practice of yoga. Easy to get to, with a bus stop 100 meters away and parking in the Mairie and the cemetery. Entrance is to the left of the house. See location & map

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