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Yoga La Source

Starting yoga

Selecting a course

Beginners can start the hatha yoga of any lineage and advance systematically. However, in group courses where the rhythm and intensity can vary greatly, we direct beginners to certain courses based on:

  • physical conditioning
  • temperament
  • goals

Call us at 333 419 to find the most suitable course for you. Below is a guide of our group courses' rhythm and intensity:

Supportive Yoga (Soft, Slow, Easy)

Moderate Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Introductory Workshops

At the beginning of each term, we arrange 2-hour programs to provide an introduction to a particular hatha yoga. These introductions are listed on our 'events' page.

Term Course Registration

If you register on a term basis, you receive roughly a 20% discount off the single-class rates at the start of a term. As a term student, you have a guaranteed place in the same weekly course throughout the term and can receive credits for classes that you cancel. You can cancel your whole term registration within 48 hours after your first class and obtain a refund.

Canceling classes for credits

If you cannot attend your class one week, you may cancel a class online up to an hour in advance to receive a credit which can be used at any of our other courses until the end of the term.

How to use the class cancellation and replacement system

Single-class Registration

You can register online for a single class within 48 hours of class time, even in a course which is full with term students where term students have canceled their participation that week for a credit. The single-class system displays available classes on the schedule page within 48 hours of class time.

First Class Preparation

Please read our short guide of do's and don'ts.